About Brenden Almand

Even as a child, Brenden loved to fixed things. It all started with a Commodore 64 computer that his parents bought for the family when he was 7 and has ultimately led him to become an Office Automation Specialist, a Wizard so to speak. Using his magical abilities he “fixes” business problems by implementing technology and providing extensive but entertaining, training for Management and Staff. He loves to get his hands dirty and dive into projects headfirst and he loves working with people.

Brenden revels in being an entrepreneur in the Asheville Startup Community and is a frequenter of 1 Million Cups of Coffee at RISC Networks in Asheville. He loves the challenge and variety of working in a fast paced industry where businesses literally start in a garage and then become “the next hot thing”, rocketing their creators to success and fame.

Brenden served his country in the California Army National Guard, where he repaired AH-1F Cobra helicopters. He earned a BS degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Accounting/Business Administration. Brenden has worked with CPAs for nearly a decade and has created documents that have been used in court. During the course of his career, Brenden maintained information technology network computers and servers, performed multiple bookkeeping roles and created the accounting system for a local 35-employee Restaurant. As a result, his well-rounded career path puts him in the best position to help small business owners as their Office Wizard.

A Family Man and Businessman

Today, Brenden is as devoted to his Family as he is to his Clients. After moving to Asheville in 2011, Brenden and his wife, Nea, have created 2 beautiful boys. Brenden started myOfficeWizard as Office Automation Specialist in 2014. He has created lasting business relationships with a select group of Small Business Owners in Asheville, who continue to seek his business expertise and help with technology.