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Small business owners know that managing time and resources is difficult, never mind the energy and know-how required to do it right. Whether this means selling products online—and getting found, collecting from your customers in a friendly but speedy fashion or just completing day-to-day management tasks, you have to wade through a mass of details and paperwork to keep your business running smoothly.

Today, more than ever, it’s true that “there’s an app for that.” Wherever you’re spending time — maintaining your webstore, dispatching jobs, billing customers, maintaining inventory — we bring you technology solutions so you can do it faster and better (with less mistakes).

Need to automate a process? There’s an app for that.

Signs that your existing system may be inadequate:

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions a technology based solution may be for you:


  • Do you need a new system, but have no idea how to choose one or how to train your staff?

  • Do you want to streamline your business model to free up your time?

  • Do you need full remote management of your business so you can be physically elsewhere?

  • Do you avoid your IT Guy and Bookkeeper because they bill hourly?

  • Do you have business software that you don’t understand?

  • Do you need mobile point-of-sale capability so your staff can collect money for you?

  • Are you spending too much time manually posting invoices, credit card payments, etc?

  • Do you dread tax season because it means you have to dig through folders or boxes of receipts?

If any of these scenarios ring true for you, get in touch with The Wizard for a Free consultation.

Recognizing your need is the first step to an affordable solution.

I just wanted to thank you for creating that Job Profit/Loss Calculator for me. It makes it so easy for me to see how much money we made at the wholesale rock and gem shows we go to. It also saves me time when figuring out how much money I owe my workers, as many of them are paid in cash as the show goes on. I look forward to working with you soon on another project I have.

Nader Kawar

Owner, Enter the Earth Fossils and Gems, Asheville, NC